Wheelhouse Writing Services

Geoff was wonderful to work with. He was very willing to work with my tight timeline and my instructions regarding the type of proofreading I was looking for. His feedback was insightful, clear, accurate, and very helpful! I would highly recommend his services.
– Sheryl Johnson (service: PhD dissertation proofreading)

Geoff is one of the few people I trust wholeheartedly with my own writing.
– Derek Lazarski (service: developmental editing on novel and short stories)


Creative writing scared me for years. The process seemed daunting, the blank page insurmountable. It’s not. Let me lend my eyes and ears to your written words. I’ll take good care, I promise.

I offer developmental writing support for:

  • Personal essays & creative nonfiction (CNF)
  • Experimental or hybrid writing
  • Fiction, short stories, scripts
  • Family histories or other personal writing


I taught academic and research writing for seven years as an Assistant Professor at the City Colleges of Chicago, where I edited hundreds of undergraduate essays each semester. Now, I’m hard at work copy editing and proofing doctoral dissertations, peer-review articles, project/grant proposals, and professional books and websites. Let me help improve your professional or creative work.

Recent clients include:

  • Doctoral students at Graduate Theological Seminary, New York Theological Seminary, and Vanderbilt University
  • Faculty at Montclair University, SF State University, and others
  • William J. Worthen Foundation
  • TYPHOON Studio


All writers benefit from reliable support and accountability. Since 2019, I’ve been helping new and experienced writers set project goals and hammer out a personal writing process that works for them. I also offer developmental feedback on work-in-progress and am happy to give submission tips and publication advice for literary magazines and journals, if interested.

In spring 2021, I ran a small, 4-week “Writing Parenting” group that offered strategies and support for writing around/amidst/despite young children in our lives. Email me if you’re interested in something similar (and not necessarily parent-exclusive) in Oct/Nov. 2021.

Please send all queries to geoff [at] wheelhousewriting [dot] org

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