Essays & Articles

Baked Clay (The Common) ~ forthcoming: Fall 2019 Issue 18

Ten Crossings in the Midwestern Borderlands (Slag Glass City) ~ forthcoming

Citizen Mussels (Boulevard) ~ purchase Vol. 34 Nos. 2 & 3

Burning Silence (The Drum) ~ audio essay

From the Banks of the Grand (The New Quarterly)

Pierre Berton & the Economics of Authenticity (Canadian Literature)

Flash Nonfiction (<1,500 words)

Bestiary (The Citron Review)

Somehow, Potatoes (The Olive Press)

Walking on Water (Psaltery & Lyre)


What Silence Has to Say (Ruminate) ~ forthcoming

“The Afterlives of American Evangelicalism” (Ruminate)

“Facing the Change: Personal Encounters with Global Warming” (The Goose)